Ideas For Stained Glass

Stained glass is a wonderful touch as inserts into cabinetry

When Elizabeth attends shows and crafts fairs, she is very often asked what can be done with stained glass. They love the look of the windows, but can't think of where it would actually fit in their house.

There is no end to the timeless versatility of stained glass. Since Elizabeth makes all of her pieces to order, they can be used in any number of ways. Panels can be made free-hanging, permanently installed as windows, or used as decorative elements united with cabinetry and furniture. Elizabeth works with other master craftsmen to make pieces that are beautiful and durable.

Pieces can be made to match the existing elements of a room, or fabrics can be made to match the glass. 


Painted lamps like this make exceptional design pieces for any room. Lamps can be hanging, or include a matching base. Elizabeth can also make traditional Tiffany style lamps. Door lites and transoms can really brighten up an entrance. Stained glass can also be used for door panels. Elizabeth created this table, the glass top, as well as the matching painted silk upholstery pattern for the room. There is nothing more beautiful than the sunlight shining through a custom stained glass window. Windows can also be back lit for a stunning exterior effect.


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