Fine Beaded Leather Work

This exquisite beaded lambskin jacket has Earth Mother motifs on front and back. This piece is available for sale.

In addition to her stained glass work, Elizabeth makes fine quality beaded leather pieces. These include jackets, vests, belts, handbags, and other items of clothing. She also makes a variety of traditional Native American regalia, including pipe bags, knife sheaths, etc.

Elizabeth is committed to creating beaded work that is extremely durable as well as beautiful. She uses kevlar thread (the material used in bullet-proof vests) to sew the beads. In addition, every bead has three stiches and a knot holding it together. Pieces made in this way can be expected to last a lifetime with proper care.




This is a traditional Abenaki beaded sheath design. Elizabeth made this for an Abenaki boy's coming of age ceremony. This Coyote Bag is made from lambskin, and has painted leather motifs, as well as beading. The Eagle Pipe Bag was designed for Eagle Heart, an Abenaki boy, for his coming of age ceremony. This Peace Shirt is beaded, embroidered and quilled on deerskin. Includes peace motifs from many tribes and nations.


Woodland Coat

 This full-length deerskin coat won First Prize for Beaded Clothing and Judges' Choice at theSchemitzun 2003 Feast of Green Corn and Dance. It is embroidered and beaded using traditional Eastern Woodland motifs.Currently on display at the Pequot Museum in Mashantucket, Connecticut. 



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